Smart Monitoring Solutions

Contributing Towards the Saudi Arabia’s Smart Cities vision, LTS is offering various smart monitoring and management solutions



Refrigerators Monitoring

We engineer the Temp Monitoring solution for mobile refrigerators to help with temperature-sensitive delivery requirements. The system is designed to monitor the critical data on trucks and trailers. Whether it be fresh products, frozen goods, or sensitive assets such as pharmaceuticals, Temp tracking ensures that you deliver accurately, reliably and safely. The solution offers:

  • Constantly monitors the temperature inside the trailer
  • Automatic alerts when temperature changes

Smart Waste Management

The customized solution using RFID technology along with fleet management provides ease to monitor the bin collection activity of Garbage trucks. With individual bin ID tracking in real-time, you can identify, locate and manage the waste collection process for a municipality.

Our Smart Waste Management Solution benefits:

  • Verify waste pick-up times with bin ID and real-time GPS data
  • Monitor garbage truck activity with real-time map
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