Smart Security & Surveillance

We offer complete solutions for CCTV, IP Camera, Video Door Phones, Access Control, ANPR Solutions. The main success of our products is IP based technology and we will continue to meet technology requirements in the future as well.

CCTV Camera

CCTV can monitor home, office, vehicle, Malls, Residential areas, and Government Sectors anywhere from the world using our secure and user-friendly CCTV solutions.

We offer unique solutions like Instant Playback, Dual stream Management, Location Management with eMap, and Remote Access via Mobile App, Web Browser or CSM and Large storage capacity.

With the CCTV solutions added to the tracking, you will have a full a complete security solution to allow you to view inside and outside your vehicle and compare this view with the data generated from the GPS tracker to confidently say you have achieved the maximum possible security level.

Cash Vans & Movement of valuable assets

Along with CCTV solutions, we provide smart IoT solutions for critical movement.

The solution includes alerts (along with the vehicle’s location) in case of door tempering, unusual vehicle movement, geo-fencing, etc. We customize the solutions according to client’s requirement to make it more secure according to the situation.

Smart Analytics

Our offered Analytical Software provides robust, feature-rich video analysis functions, such as Line Crossing, Entering Area, Missing Object, Unattended Object, Tampering, Object Counting, and People Counting.

Smart Parking and ANPR

We execute and implement Automatic License Plate Recognition Video Analytics software designed to detect and recognize vehicle license plates. It provides efficiency in parking, traffic control, and law enforcement.

Access Control

Out of many other smart solutions, LTS offers access control solutions to provide you all smart solutions under one roof. We provide solutions for

-Entrance Control
-Face Recognition
-Fingerprint Recognition
-Palm Recognition
-Time Attendance
-Time Attendance + Access Control

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