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If you want fast, secure and reliable communication between the various branches of your company to ensure optimum productivity, LTS ENTERPRISE VPN is the answer.

LTS offers various Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multi Point VPN Solutions to create your own private network to ensure data safety and security. To transport your data with high-speed network connectivity our engineers tailor the solution according to your needs. With the help of our world-top partner vendors, we aim to deliver the best.

What you can expect:

  • Secure & Persistent Connection
  • Scalable solution for future growth
  • Prompt response for troubleshooting
  • Customized Solutions to meet your needs

Cost efficient, secure and flexible

Cost-efficient connection of your locations in one network via Fixed Internet line & GSM
Advantageous for 3 branches or more, but can be upscaled to hundreds
Affordable and future-oriented alternative for line rental and other VPN solutions
Quality of Service (QoS), for prioritising specific applications in the network traffic
High level of performance reliability and service
24/7 helpline & maintenance services
Available throughout Saudi Arabia

Our technology offers performance reliability

At LTS you will find the Tried and Tested Technology you need, with a very high level of performance reliability. It is no coincidence that we enjoy a strong presence in sectors where security is vital, such as Hospitals, Banks, Food chains, Super Markets, Oil & Gas Industry etc. But the reliability of our technology is also appreciated elsewhere, in both large and small enterprises.

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